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6 cost-effective ways to get creative with video marketing during lockdown

We know – everything’s on fire and budgets have never been tighter. But the upside is that times of crisis breed resourcefulness and creativity (tea bags, duct tape and M&Ms are all inventions that were born of necessity during wartime). So although you may think your budget doesn’t stretch to video marketing right now, here are 6 creative ways to make it work without breaking the bank.

1. Bring out the B-roll
What is ‘B-roll’? It’s that secondary footage that illustrates and enriches your film. Let’s say your primary shot is a traveller talking about his life-changing adventures in Turkey. We don’t just want to look at his face for a full five minutes (boring), so when he mentions Cappadocia, we cut to a skyline heaving with hot-air balloons. That’s the B-roll. Filmmakers often shoot B-roll while capturing primary footage, and it’s likely you have a number of shots that have never seen the light of day. Explore what’s there and see if you can create new videos or use it to enrich your social media posts. This is not the year to be letting good content go to waste on a hard drive somewhere.

2. Edit and share existing content
Speaking of social media, user activity has gone up around the globe since the start of the pandemic as more and more people became confined to their homes. Now is the time to connect with your audience in meaningful ways.. Have you really squeezed all the value you can out of those videos you shot last year? Can you edit them to share across more of your social platforms now? Maybe you could cut that TVC down into panels for a Facebook or Instagram story? Edit, edit and edit some more.

3. Tap into user-generated content
There’s a group of people who are already pros at creating beautiful DIY content at home. You may not have tapped into the influencer market before, but it could be worth partnering up with someone who aligns with your brand now. Alternatively, ask your community to post videos of themselves interacting with your product, using a specific hashtag. With their permission, you can edit that content into a montage of happy customers. Boom! Instant testimonial video.

4. Ditch perfectionism
A busy set with a huge crew and a cast of international talent may not be on the cards right now, but that doesn’t mean you should give up on creating video content. Lean into the limitations, embrace a less polished approach and don’t over-produce. If anything, your audience will find you more relatable for it. (Look at how positively people are responding to children wandering into serious interviews on BBC.)

5. Try 2D animation
Who doesn’t love a satisfying animated explainer video? If lockdown restrictions or a tight budget prevent you from shooting in the real world right now, consider using animation to get your message across.

6. Choose your partners wisely
You could be doing everything possible to make your business a lean, mean, lockdown-agile machine, but you won’t feel the benefits unless the agency you choose to work with is running at the same efficiency. Before you sign on with anyone, you should know:

  • Are they structured for efficiency and agility?
  • Are they adaptable to trends and evolving lockdown restrictions?
  • Are they thinking creatively to deliver value on a budget right now, or are they stuck in a 2019 world of high production values and slow lead times?

Ready to get going on a budget-efficient lockdown video-marketing strategy? Little Big can help. Get in touch here.

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