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6 ideas for small businesses to get started with video *today*

Look, we’re the first ones to say that good video marketing requires a detailed strategy and careful execution. But we also know that sometimes you can get so caught up in the planning stage that you never actually make a video. So there’s something to be said for putting aside the perfectionism and just diving on in. Here’s how:


  1. Take us behind the scenes

This can work for anyone from solopreneurs (yes, desk tours are officially a thing), to companies with large offices or manufacturing sites. Invite us in and show us where the magic happens. 


  1. Reveal (some of) your creation process

People like to see how our favourite things come into existence. Time-lapse your latest illustration. Create a Boomerang of your natural shampoo bars being mixed in a giant, glistening vat. Take us on a journey from fabric to fashion; from ingredients to Insta-worthy treats. Do a sped-up screen-record of you designing a social media graphic. You get the idea… 


  1. Unbox something

We can’t explain why the internet loves seeing new toys being pulled out of packaging, but we’re here for it. If you’re excited about an item that’s going to make your life better or easier, chances are your community will be too. Or, if you sell physical products, share user-generated content of your customers receiving their goodies – it doubles as an informal testimonial.


  1. Ask, then answer

Find out what your community wants to know about your niche, then dish the details. If you’re a health coach, for example, you could run a quick IG poll on whether your community wants the skinny on intermittent fasting or on keto eating. Once the results are in, film an informal face-to-camera explainer, then save it to your profile or stories so they can access it later. It’s video marketing, plus you start building a library of useful resources for your community, and establish yourself as a thought leader. Win, win, win. 


  1. Make an announcement

Is there something exciting happening in your business this month? Are you releasing a new design? Are your products stocked in a new retailer? Is there a new flavour available? Tell us in a video so we can see how genuinely excited you are about this milestone. Maybe we’ll get excited too…


  1. Send a thank you 

Your business is afloat largely thanks to your loyal customers, and it never hurts to acknowledge this fact. Pop onto your socials to offer them some sincere thanks. You could even throw in a one-day-only discount code that you don’t mention anywhere else. It’s a token of your appreciation, plus it will encourage customers to tune into your videos in future. 

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