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3 event-industry trends to keep an eye on in 2021


Now that we’re all on board with remote everything (and with Covid-19 not fading anywhere near as fast as we’d like), you can expect virtual events to continue to be a key feature of our lives.


But how do you stop your event coming off like nothing more than a well-attended webinar? By having good content. You need to invest in AV specialists who can ensure that both your pre-recorded and livestreamed content is bordering on Hollywood quality. 


A hybrid is a combo of in-person attendees and those accessing the event remotely – and they’re going to be the norm when the world opens up again. Why? Because we’re a global  village and you don’t want to leave out potential audience members just because they can’t make it to your GPS location.  


The catch is, if you want to sell virtual attendance at a decent price, you need to make the experience valuable and immersive for everyone, whether they’re physically present or joining in from another time zone. Again, good production value and quality content will set the bar here. Work with AV specialists who can ensure that everyone, regardless of location, is getting bang for their buck.


Virtual reality and 360 livestreams immerse your remote audience in your content in a way that 2D-streaming just can’t match. 


Augmented reality, on the other hand, enhances the physical world for in-person attendees by overlaying a user’s view with visual and auditory effects in real time (think Pokemon Go). Imagine holding up your phone and watching the Burning Man sculpture in front of you coming to life, or seeing through human skin to the inner workings of a body at a medical conference. 


Want to level up your next virtual event? LittleBig Live can help. We’re combining our content-production skills and event experience with the latest tech to offer a seamless virtual and hybrid event and conferencing service.    



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