About Us


LittleBig is a creatively led production company based in Cape Town, South Africa. Our clients consist of both local and international advertising agencies, brands and media houses. Our approach to work is collaborative and our team immerse themselves in your brand, working as your production partner. We research and strategise, write your content plans, produce your content, tell your stories and manage it. We deliver traditional television commercials, original digital campaigns, real-time content as well as offer a film and commercial service for both local and international clients. We also provide a full post-production, animation and motion graphics service. Our goal is to listen, understand and deliver solutions that have impact, meet your objectives and engage with your audiences. With an intuitive grasp of the digital world, our production teams can fuse your digital goals with the artistic creativity of moving media. Whether your campaign is outbound to consumers or inbound to staff, we have the skills and expertise to deliver on your brief. Let’s build your brand, intrigue and attract your target audience together.

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