1. VIRTUAL EVENTS AREN’T GOING ANYWHERE Now that we’re all on board with remote everything (and with Covid-19 not fading anywhere near as fast as we’d like), you can expect virtual events to continue to be a key feature of our lives.   But how do you stop your event coming off like nothing more than a well-attended webinar? By

Every industry has its jargon and buzzwords. Beauty vloggers all seem to instinctively know what a ‘cut crease’ is. Crypto bros think it’s totally normal to drop ‘Altcoin’ and ‘HODL’ into everyday conversation.    Over here in production land, we speak our own language, too. So to help you feel a little less like a tourist the next time

You’ve got compelling video content, now don’t fall at the last hurdle by neglecting your YouTube thumbnails. Why are these important? The best thumbnails solidify your brand identity and attract more views, which ultimately encourages YouTube to show your videos to more users.   Here’s how to create highly clickable thumbnails:   Be consistent Your thumbnails don’t have to be

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